Frequently Asked Questions

SeaSmart™ is a powerful appliance that secures your networks, providing at the same time a rich set of API services to integrate and extend your own software applications and solutions. It can be remotely managed giving access and control to the remote site that is installed.  It offers multi-tenant and role-based access control, satellite link management, internet cafe, firewall management, VoIP services, file transfer and file sync, traffic reporting, advanced networking, VPN, mail services, remote surveillance, vessel tracking, Cyber security, and more. The SeaSmart™ hardware has been battle tested and has demonstrated throughout the years impressive performance and resiliency to the harsh environments of sea-going vessels.

i-Vessel is a software-defined hyper-converged infrastructure platform designed to provide a comprehensive virtualization solution for businesses. It comes as a flexible solution that can be adapted to your needs and budget to consolidate and simplify your IT infrastructure, offering reduced TCO and fast ROI. It offers advanced features such as flexible backup options, import/export of virtual machines, high availability, live virtual machine migration, and console access for guest VMs, among others. It has a self-service web-based management interface and supports multiple guests operating systems, including Windows, Linux, BSD flavors, and others. In conclusion, i-Vessel is a highly scalable solution and offers extensive remote monitoring options for ease of management of your fleet.

i-Platform© is a modern data intensive application built on top cutting-edge technologies and acts as a central hub that collects, stores, processes and serves the data collected from multiple edge appliances or cloud services. It offers a diverse set of features related to the OT and IT services of a vessel. It includes features such as remote performance monitoring and alerting, vessel operations data and reporting, remote surveillance, Cyber security, and other. The i-Platform© has a modular architecture and it can grow with your business since its features are offered as modules that can be enabled separately as needed.

MTIS is proud to announce that the i-Platfrom© and i-Vessel solutions are holding a valid Type and Standards Approval – Classification Certificate from Swiss Approval for use on Commercial and War (Navy) ships. Also, the company is strongly interesting and investing on quality assurance thus our quality management system includes ΙSO 9001:2015 (Operations and management) ΙSO 27001:2013 (Security Management System), ISO 27705:2022 (Information Security), ISO 22301:2019 (Business Continuity).

MTIS professional support teams are there to instantly get in contact with the vessels providing superior support services around the clock!