The SeaSmart™ is a complete, integrated solution for implementing a manageable and secure NID (Network Intelligence Device) on board commercial vessels. It supports all kinds of satellite terminals and connections, while its robust industrial design ensures great and stable performance under extreme conditions.

The SeaSmart™ solution is comprised of the shore HUB instance and the appliance installed on board the vessel. The two nodes communicate through a secure end-to-end VPN tunnel. The shore HUB instance supports a multi-tenant environment with role based access control and can be installed either on-prem or deployed to any cloud provider with options to enable disaster recovery or high availability features. The HUB instance acts as the central place to monitor and manage the SeaSmart™ services for multiple hosted vessels and customers.

The SeaSmart™ vessel appliance is highly configurable, modular, easy to deploy, remotely manageable and it receives continuous updates and new features.

Take the next step into the future with MTIS SeaSmart™

Administer your fleet from shore

Stay secure – Stay connect

Increase Crew moral & Productivity

Improve collaboration in a cost-effective way

It acts as the main communications device which brings advanced network functions with plenty of network ports available to support the most demanding network deployments.

Among others, it provides a rich set of business and crew services and can be deployed either as a single appliance or a dual node setup for increased redundancy. SeaSmart™ comes in different flavors such as a standard full-featured edition, Lite edition with limited set of features or a virtual appliance which provides flexibility and simplicity.