i-Vessel is a fully managed IoT solution that provides hyper converged compute storage and networking features using proven and high performance virtualization technology.

The solution is fully adaptable in different flavors in order to cover needs for small or bigger infrastructure needs that host multiple virtual machines of different OS types. i-Vessel is designed taking into account the harsh vessel environment and provides business continuity and full remote access features. When combined with SeaSmart™ you can enjoy an integrated solution with enhanced monitoring and alerting options.

i-Vessel provides a modern and user friendly web-based solution allowing to the users to fully manage their resources.

Sensing the power of digitalization

It supports advanced features such as live VM migration, import / export of VMs, live VM snapshots, live disk resize, USB passthrough and other and comes with high availability options so as to enhance the uptime and avoid business disruptions or expensive visits to the vessels.

i-Vessel includes also hardened workstations for the on board users so as to simplify and consolidate the infrastructure of the vessel minimizing thus problems and IT headaches.

Key Features

Layer 1

High Availability option

Layer 1

Flexible backup options

Layer 1

Live VM migration and snapshots

Layer 1

Software defined, hyperconverged and scalable

i-Vessel Indicative screenshots